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Legal Division: 330-725-9722 Title Division: 877-722-0016

The Civil Division

The Civil Division of the Medina County Clerk of Courts is responsible for managing and retaining records in civil cases, including civil lawsuits, foreclosure actions, administrative appeals, cognovits, replevins, foreign judgments, foreign subpoenas, petitions for certificate of qualification for employment, petitions for relief from disability, writs of execution, and writs of possession.

The Civil Division also handles paperwork for garnishments and debtor’s examinations, state tax liens, judgment liens, state tax lien releases, full and partial judgment lien releases, civil stalking protection orders, and court-ordered titles.

Ohio Notary Services

As of September 20, 2019

Ohio Notary Services is the ONLY entity authorized by the Ohio Secretary of State to educate and test applicants to become a traditional notary public as well as those who wish to be an online notary public.
(330) 436-0118

There is not a grace period to renew your commission. If your commission has expired you MUST begin the process as if you are a new applicant.


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