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Legal Division: 330-725-9722 Title Division: 877-722-0016

Domestic Relations Division

The Domestic Relations Division of the Medina County Clerk of Courts is responsible for managing and retaining the records for Dissolution/Divorce/Legal Separation cases, Parentage cases, and Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order cases. The Domestic Relations Division also handles any Post Decree Motions regarding Child/Spousal Support, Custody, Parenting Time/Visitation, and any other matter that would need to be addressed under the Domestic Relations case classifications.

The Domestic Relations Clerk’s Office cannot offer any legal advice, but we do offer select forms for filing. We do recommend contacting an attorney for legal advice and representation, but you can also file on your behalf as a Pro Se litigant. For additional forms and information please go to:

Medina County Domestic Relations Court

Supreme Court of Ohio

The filing fees for Petition/Complaints/Motions can be found under the Clerk of Court’s fee schedule. All fees paid upon initial filing are considered a deposit and there could be additional costs assessed at the completion of your case. If you have a financial hardship with these fees, a payment plan arrangement can be made upon the filing of your document with a small deposit. We accept document filings from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of payments. All payments must be completed before 4:00 pm on any open day to allow for payment processing at the end of the day.

Please be advised that the Domestic Relations cases are now viewable from the online docket. Pursuant to Ohio Rules of Superintendence 45(D)(3) the “responsibility for redacting personal identifiers from a case document submitted to a court or filed with a clerk of court pursuant to division (D)(1) of this rule shall rest solely with the party” filing the document.

If you find that you or your attorney filed documents with personal identifiers or other sensitive information, you may make a motion to the court and Judge Schafer has committed to hearing these motions as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions regarding a case docket, please call the Domestic Relations Clerks for information at 330-725-9722 and select option 2

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