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Auto TITLE Information

The information listed below is intended to provide answers to some commonly asked questions. Because vehicle title procedures and requirements may vary, please call one of our Branch Offices for more information before stopping in.

When You Buy a Car

Never make any alterations or erasures on a Certificate of Title. Doing so will make the title null and void and then you must apply for a replacement title. Do not fill in any part of the assignment or application (on the reverse side of the title) unless it is done in the presence of a Notary Public or other duly authorized officer with power to administer oaths. All signatures must be sworn to and notarized.

Late Filing Fee

A title must be is issued in your name within 30 days of the date the title is assigned to you to avoid an additional $5 fee.


If you are an Ohio resident at the time of purchase, you may apply for your Certificate of Title at any auto title office in the State of Ohio.

Sales Tax

The Clerk of Courts is required, by Ohio law, to collect a 6.75% tax for Medina County residents on the purchase price of the vehicle. Residents of other counties will pay their resident county’s tax rate. This tax must be paid at the time of title issuance. The same tax rate applies to vehicles purchased outside of Ohio. However, taxes paid in another state may be deducted from taxes due in Ohio.

Inspection of Vehicle

Always make a physical inspection of any vehicle you plan to buy. Check identifying numbers (serial numbers) on the vehicle and title.

When You Sell a Car

Do not execute the assignment (on the reverse side of the certificate of title) until a bonafide sale has been made. Make certain that the buyer’s name and address are inserted before you sign the assignment. Be sure that your signature is notarized.

Duplicate Titles

If an original Certificate of Title has been lost, stolen, or destroyed, you may obtain a duplicate. If, after issuance of the duplicate, the original is recovered, it must be returned to the Auto Title Office for cancellation.

Memorandum Certificate

You cannot transfer ownership of a vehicle with a Memorandum Certificate of Title (white copy). It is issued only for the purpose of obtaining license plates.

When You Have a Mortgage on Your Vehicle

When you have paid off your mortgage the lien holder will either send you your title with the lien released upon it or a letter telling you to contact the Clerk of Court’s office to inquire about acquiring a copy. If you are sent a paper title, make sure there is a Cancel Stamp from the Clerk of Courts office showing the lien has been released in our system. If there is not one, please bring in your title so that we may clear our system.

Change of Name

If your name has changed through marriage or other court proceedings, the name on your Certificate of Title cannot be changed. There is no authority in the law to issue a new title in your new name for the same vehicle.

When You Buy a Car That Has an Out-of-State Title

A physical inspection is required by an official State Inspection Station before a title can be issued on the out-of-state vehicle. License Bureaus and Most Car Dealers can do that for you.

Off-Road Motorcycles and All-Purpose Vehicles

A title is required for these vehicles. Contact us for information regarding this requirement.

Utility Trailers

A Certificate of Title is not required on any utility-commercial trailer weighing less than 4,000 pounds. To obtain license plates, you must procure a weight card from the State License Bureau and have the trailer weighed. Commercial trailers or semi-trailers weighing 4,000 pounds or more must have a Certificate of Title. To sell, transfer, or mortgage such trailers, the Certificate of Title must be presented.

Travel Trailers and Truck Campers

All house and travel trailers, including tent, fold-down campers, and truck campers, must have a Certificate of Title. Do not purchase a vehicle of this type unless the seller assigns to you the proper title.

Manufactured Homes

In order to transfer title to a manufactured home, it is mandatory that the County Treasurer where the home was sited verify that all property taxes have been paid. If so, the treasurer will stamp the title “Manufactured Home Transfer Approved”. If this stamp does not appear on the title or memorandum, have the seller contact the treasurer of the appropriate county. The title must also be stamped by the County Auditor showing that the conveyance fee has been paid.

Motor Home

To convert a van to a motorhome or after the installation of a camping unit on your pickup truck, you must record a “Body Change” with the Title Office. Both original titles for the truck camper and the pickup truck must be presented for this change.

Salvage Title

To convert a salvage title to a regular title, an inspection must be made by the State Highway Patrol. An application for the inspection can be obtained at the License Bureau after paying the required fee. An appointment must then be made with the State Highway Patrol Inspection Station for final inspection, after which a rebuilt salvage title can be issued.

Homemade Vehicle

If you build a motor vehicle, you must execute an “Affidavit of Facts” to present to the Title Office along with the bill of sale for purchased parts and a Certificate of Title for any motor vehicle used in the construction. Self-assembled vehicles must be inspected by the State Highway Patrol. Applications may be obtained at the State Highway Patrol and sent to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles along with the required fee.

Upon the Death of an Owner of a Vehicle

A surviving spouse can take title to any number of cars, pickup trucks or motorcycles as long as the combined value of the vehicles does not exceed $65,000 and one boat and one motor if not disposed of by will. For anything else, the estate would need to be probated unless the title was issued with a TOD or jointly with Rights of Survivorship.

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